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Autoethnography Dissertation Proposal

Autoethnography: A Method of Research and Teaching for Transformative Education Shashidhar Belbase, Graduate Student at University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming Bal Chandra Luitel, Assistant Professor, Kathmandu University Nepal Dr. Peter Charles Taylor, Curtin University of Technology, Perth Australia July, 2008 Abstract

  • this autoethnography is identity theory as it relates to teacher identity construction. Memory, videotaped lessons, student commentary and a reflective journal serve as supporting data sources to render narratives detailing the findings. The research question guiding this dissertation is: In what ways does a teacher’s reflection on mathematics

  • Conceptual Foundations of Autoethnography • 5 reflexive research method that uses writing about the self in contact with others to illuminate the many layers of human social, emotional, theoretical, political, and cultural praxis (i.e., action, performance, accomplishment). In other words, autoethnography is an observational data-driven phenome-

  • Autoethnography is an intriguing and promising qualitative method that offers a way of giving voice to personal experience for the purpose of extending sociological understanding. The author’s experience of writing an autoethnography about international adoption has shown her, however, that autoethnography can be a very difficult undertaking.

Autoethnography Dissertation Proposal - Essay Help 24x7

Autoethnography Dissertation Proposal - Essay Help 24x7

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